Paper Publications in Last 5 years

  •  A new chemical method of formation of silver iodide thin films.- S. Katdare, V. Sathye, R. V. Kashalkar, and A. S. Bhave
  • Comparative studies of the Ksharas (salts) obtained from the Panchang and leaves of Achyranthus aspera – Bhagwat Mahesh, Kudale Vinod, Musale Sachin, Verma Pragya, N. R. Deshpande, R. V. Kashalkar, and A. S.Bhave.
  • Adsorption studies on activated charcoal prepared from agricultural wastes – Vandana Arbale, B. S. Pandarkar, S. S. Gosavi, R. V. Kashalkar, N. R. Deshpande, A. S. Bhave.
  • Synthesis and structural characterization of Jasad Bhasmas. – Mahesh Bhagwat, R. V. Kashalkar, A. S. Bhave and Veda Ramaswamy.
  • Synthesis and physico chemical characterization of Kapardika Bhasma and the intermediates obtained during its synthesis – Mahesh Bhagwat, R. V. Kashalkar, A. S. Bhave and Veda Ramaswamy 
  • Antibacterial Activity Of Certain Plants In E.coli Spiked Water – Dr. Meenal Joshi*
  • Screening of certain herbs for turbidity removal and antimicrobial activity for waste water treatment – A.D. Bade, Dr. Meenal Joshi, V.S. Kulkarni
  • Efficacy of Hibiscus sabdariffa seeds as natural coagulant in removal of turbidity and bacteria from turbid waters – Dr. Meenal Joshi, A S.Bhave
  • Waste water treatment using natural herb Punica granatum – Apurva Anikhindi, Dr. Meenal Joshi, Varsha Kulkarni
  • Synthesis and study of calixarene-doped polypyrrole-Tiot2 /ZnO composites: antimicrobial activity and
    electrochemical sensors – Babasaheb Waghmode, Jahid Husain, Dr. Meenal Joshi, Shivaram Sathe, K.R.Patil