Bhide Foundation
  • Shikshana Prasaraka Mandali (SPM), the parent body of S.P. College...
Aim and Objectives
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  • Research Projects
    • Evaluation Of Anti- Proliferative Activity , Antioxidant Activity , And Toxicity Studies Of Classically Prepared And Characterised Tamra Bhasma” Has Been Submitted To Ccras Under Intra Mural Research Projects In Ayurveda Sciences.
    • To Develop Monograph On Standard Operational Procedures (Sops) Of Manufacturing Process And Quality Standards Of ASU & H Formulations.
  • Associations

    The foundation has a tie up with the following Industries / Research organization.

    • National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
    • CCRAS, Delhi
    • Wex Technologies Pvt. ltd., Pune
    • Labindia, Thane
    • Green Pharmacy, Pune
    • Evolvus, Pune
    • Nature Life Sciences, Pune
    • ARI,Pune
    • IDRL, Pune
    • Poddar Medical college, Mumbai
    • NRIBAS, Pune
    • Jnanaprabodhini -Gram Vikas sanstha
  • Our Vision
    • Academic and training programs. Projects (Industrial and Govt. Agencies like DST, CCRAS,DBT) Research and Analytical work.
      Our Vision